ice cream cookies




ice cream cookies

ice cream cookies is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Gelato 33 with Wedding Cake. This strain features effects that start off cerebral and uplifting like a sativa but eventually give way to sedation and relaxation.  Cookies is beloved for its ability to numb pain and increase appetite. Not much is currently known about the flavor of  , but with Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake as parents this stain is sure to be a delectable sweet treat to smoke. Medical marijuana patients choose Ice Cream Cookies to help relieve symptoms associated with depressionanxiety and eating disorders. Growers say this strain comes in fluffy green buds with dark orange hairs, was originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics.

an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This strain offers sedating effects that leave your mind and body completely relaxed.  features a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic paininsomnia, and anxiety. Ice Cream Cake is ideal for night time use when you have nothing important to do except watch TV and fall asleep. Growers say this strain has light green and purple buds that are completely flushed with icy trichomes.


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